On behalf of the board, we want to thank you Mira for your generous donation of your handmade bowls and mug for the PAWfest silent auction.   We deeply appreciate your donation, but most importantly, we appreciate the generosity of your time and talent in the long search, the many email blasts to hundreds of leasing agents in Gwinnett, and thank you for being an integral part of the discovery of our new home and the representation of GHS in securing our lease given our limited budget and negotiating on our behalf.  We would not be this lucky if not for all of your hard work.  We owe our good fortune to you.  Thank you so much!  J

Thank you Mira for everything you have done for us and for all you're doing for us to help get this lease space all worked out!



Nan Hughes

Placement Chair
Gwinnett Humane Society

Dear Mira,

Deirdre and I, as well as our national staff appreciate all of the time, energy and love you've put into finding us a home.


Charles DeBray
Executive Regional Director

Transcendental Meditation / Maharishi Invincibility Center

Moving a business across the country is a huge endeavor, and when I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to move my business from the West coast to the East coast, I was overwhelmed. Where was I going to find space in Atlanta that would suit my particular manufacturing needs? Could I even afford the space in Atlanta? What area should I look in? I had so many questions and really didn't know where to turn at first. Then I remembered Mira Bergen and that she was involved in commercial real estate. I wasn't sure what she did exactly, but I thought she could point me into the right direction. When I started looking at properties there were many things I did not know about. I definitely needed guidance and the advice of someone who was connected, and that was Mira. She sent out my specific needs to a list of her connections and we got a good response, narrowing it down to 4 locations. The fourth property was a winner and soon everything fell into place and now my company is in the process of moving here as I type this. I highly suggest that anyone who is looking for business space to understand that you will be spinning your wheels if you try and do it without a competent broker. Mira's experience and expertise proved to be invaluable and I seriously do not know how I would have been able to find a spot and get through all the contracts without her. If you need space in Georgia, Mira is your broker. Thank you so much Mira! :-)



Rachel Karen Van Cleef

Founder, CEO, Tooth Soap®, Inc.

Mira Bergen is a wonderful commercial broker.  She held my hand the whole way through the search and sign process.  She found the ideal space for my business, but because the property was bank owned, it was very difficult and lengthy to seal the deal.  As many times as I wanted to quit and walk away due to frustration, Mira calmed me down and put everything into perspective.  I now run a successful business out of a location that could not be more perfect, and would not be here if it hadn’t been for Mira.  Thank you Mira for having patience, persistence, and helping me realize my dream!

Lauren Hise

465 Boulevard, SE
Suite #101
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 590-1380

Hi Mira,

It was great working with you on my search for the right retail space. Although the process was very frustrating and took much longer than expected, you were diligent and persistent and did everything you said you would do. Most important, you kept me informed each step of the way. I am happy with my location and thank you for getting me here.

Stay well,



Ivan Mervis                     Chyten Education Center
678-894-2468                 5920 Roswell Road, Suite D-203
ivan.mervis@gmail.com    Sandy Springs, GA  30328 

"In 2002, after researching retail space on my own, I was referred to Mira Bergen, owner of A Store is Born. From the start of our business relationship, I knew that I was dealing with a well connected individual in the commercial real estate industry. I was so impressed with Mira’s communication and follow up. At our first meeting, she wanted to know all about my business and what my needs and desires were. Mira truly cared about finding the right location for my business. I have been at my location for 5 years and just re-signed my lease with Mira’s help again. I look to expand my business and will have the need to locate more space. I wouldn’t think about using anyone other than Mira Bergen, A Store is Born, to partner with for these important retail space decisions!"

Elaina Buchanan Owner, Educational Outfitters - Atlanta (

“Mira Bergen has the ability to help anyone who will listen, find a money making location. Mira was able to negotiate a lease that I could not have gotten on my own. I received free rent, build-out allowance, some freebies and I increased the size of the store by 50% for the same dollar monthly rent as my former location. Now that’s a deal! Mira has helped our business grow and I can back it with numbers. From June 1992 to March 1993, we have had anywhere between a 5% increase to a 49% increase in business”

David S. Geller, President, Jewelry Artisans, Inc. Atlanta, GA. (

"Mira Bergen is absolutely the best! She worked diligently and intelligently to help me find the location for my restaurant, which is not the easiest thing to do! She’s a hard worker who’s loyal and supportive. Plus she’s got the experience, knowledge and connections to not only help you find the best location but also negotiate the best deal for your own particular needs. She’s a great person with a big heart and a keen mind. You’ll love working with Mira, I promise! "

Brownell Landrum, President, Draw Success, Atlanta, Georgia (

"I met Mira in 1994. She worked with me on my very first store which was HOLLYHOOD. Then she helped me to lease my 2nd and 3rd locations to start my new venture which was: MACKS CAB CO. Since that time we have become great friends.

Fast forward to today and Mira has helped me lease more that 4 spaces in Georgia. I enjoy her professionalism as well as her ability to know exactly what I am looking for. I now have a 4th store called THE ROARING TWENTIES in Stonecrest Marketplace and it's all thanks to Mira. I am now licensing the "Roaring 20's" brand and Mira will be involved in my expansion. I wouldn't use anyone else to help find the best location."

Sonya Owens Retail Store Owner - roaring20satl@gmail.com - 678-526-0059 (
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2008572&l=00eea&id=1435881730 )