Tenant/Purchaser Representation

Questions, Questions Questions.

We will ask lots of Questions so we can fully understand everything about your customer, your unique branding and your model for expansion or franchising We understand the importance of analyzing the demographic as well as psychographic profile of your customer. A STORE IS BORN, INC. can now begin the search for your business location. As in every step in the process, it is our job, not to make the decisions for you, but rather to provide you with all the information you need to make them. 

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Site location research analysis/selection and acquisition


Demographic/psychographic research/analysis


Competition mapping/analysis


Tenant criteria package development


Lease/lease renewal negotiation


Shopping Center/Property Leasing/Sales


Support Services Through our Alliances:

Business Planning

Financing Resources

Retail Planning and Design

Restaurant Planning and Design

Restaurant Consulting: Concept Development/Equipment/Furniture and Fixtures/Point of Sale Systems/Menu Development/Purveyor Selection/Management Training


Promotional Marketing/Advertising/Media


Attorneys/ Accountants

Our alliances enable A STORE IS BORN, INC. to be your "one stop shop".

Remember that A STORE IS BORN, INC. represents YOUR best interests

Please note: A STORE IS BORN, INC. is licensed to practice real estate by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and is authorized to give real estate advice. Always consult with a real estate attorney before signing a lease or purchase contract